De Meló is Middlesbrough’s first artisan espresso, patisserie and dessert restaurant. We specialise in a unique array of products from our exclusive triple origin coffee blend (the ONLY place in Middlesbrough you can sample this!) to our freshly made Belgian waffles. From ice cream sundae’s to a whole selection of chocolate bar milkshakes, our sweet dessert range is unrivalled in quality. But what really sets us apart from our competition is our fusion of European patisserie. Trust us, after a visit to De Meló, coffee and cakes will never be the same again.




De MelÓ House Blend

This is the coffee blend we are proud of and is the focal point of our business. The one goal our company had in mind when trying to establish a foothold in the coffee market was to be able to provide you with a great tasting drink that is unlike any other commercial coffee blend. Our focus was simple; we’re here to give you a quality product and to change your perception of what a good coffee should look and taste like!

Introducing Middlesbrough’s first triple origin artisan blend- a full bodied smooth coffee without bitterness and with a hint of caramel notes and dark chocolate. We started the blend design with the Brazil, which is a great base and a beautiful pulped natural coffee from the Minas Gerais region. This Brazil is quite smooth on its own and mellow with a little sweetness and not much acidity. To make the coffee more exciting it’s combined with the El Salvador coffee from the Shekinah estate, which adds beautiful sweetness and acidity. However, in order to not have too much acidity/brightness in this blend and to calm the acidity down and to add even more body, a special coffee from India is also added to the base. This coffee from India is from Malabar and is aged – a so called monsooned coffee. The Indian coffee has been exposed to monsoon winds for about six weeks – this makes it very unique in flavour and adds a huge body. The result is a bold tasting coffee with beautiful sweetness and not too much acidity.

The De Meló House Blend is a medium-dark roast dropped just before the oils come out. Because of the blend design and the way it is roasted it works great with larger amounts of milk. This coffee really shines as a cappuccino and a latte, but it’s also really beautiful as a ristretto – the shorter the better almost to really bring out the caramel notes.

Your opinion on our blend is vital to us. We are constantly working with some of the countries finest roasteries to adapt and to keep the blend at the highest possible standard. We’re not saying it’s perfect, but we’re confident we’re not far off!